The building project is a complex that will include a guest house, residences, community center and our head offices. Our goal is to become self sufficient and improve the standard of living for the families and orphans we assist and to have permanent housing for the families we assist so that we not longer need to rent houses for them and have them move around as rent increases.


The Ministry sponsors families in the community. Each family is fully supported for their rent, food, school fees, health care, clothing, daily living costs and incidentals. The Ministry is the main source of income and support for these families and is there for the family’s day to day problems and crisis when they occur. Families are encouraged to work towards self sufficiency and contribute to their cost of living as they are able. The goal for the future is to move these families into the new building once it is constructed so they can live in a safe and mutually supportive environment.

Support a child and their family for $60/ month.


We strongly believe that education is essential to enhancing the lives of children and their families in Rwanda and the Ministry sponsors some neighborhood children to go to school. We currently assist children to attend a local private school by paying for their school fees and provide the children with school supplies, books, toilet paper etc. as these are not provided by the school and are the responsibility of students.

Send a child to Elementary school for $30 / month
Send a youth to Secondary school for $45 / month


Many of the people we work with are victims of trauma having been impacted by the Genocide and its aftermath. Post traumatic stress is ongoing within communities and leaves families vulnerable to stressors and crisis regularly. The Ministry is often called upon to meditate and mitigate these crises and support families in times of need. We also fund the health care of families through medical fees, diagnostics, prescriptions and follow up care. Many of the women whom we support are HIV+ and have symptoms that impact their families and their ability to provide and care for them, so we attempt to assist when ever the need arises and it is feasible for the ministry.